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Larger Text

Most users of this site can switch between larger and smaller text by clicking the larger text link on the side menu. This is accomplished using JavaScript, a small programming language which runs within the web browser. If you are seeing this page, it is most likely that JavaScript is turned off in your browser. If this is the case, or you wish for a wider range of text sizes than we provide automatically, you may use one of the alternative methods listed below to re-size your text.

  • In Internet Explorer for Windows, click view and select text size .
  • In Mozilla, Netscape 7.X, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 5.X for Macintosh, type Ctrl+ to increase text size and Ctrl- to reduce it.
  • In Safari, type Command+ to increase text size and Command- to reduce it.
  • In Opera, click the eye icon and select a percentage size.

Note that this page has been set in large type. You may wish to return to the LGBP Ltd home page before making the above adjustments.