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Quick Benefits Calculator

The program for experienced advisors

The Quick Benefits Calculator enables experienced advisors to calculate entitlement to means tested social security benefits with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of speed.

Users are presented with a standard case which they modify to reflect client circumstances. The sophisticated what-if? facility lets users explore a range of scenarios -- better off comparisons can be printed side by side. A colour coded warning system notifies operators of possible errors and the package comes with full instructions including several worked examples for tax credits and state pension credit.

'Since 1998 QBC has been the definitive benefit calculator for the busy welfare rights adviser in our Service. It is a tried and trusted tool kept meticulously up-to-date. General benefit checks for customers are routine as a result of having QBC to hand. Without it, advice transactions would take a great deal longer.' ICT Development Officer Lancashire Welfare Rights.

Benefits covered include:

The program is updated several times each year to cover benefits up-ratings and changes in social security law. Cases stored under one set of rules and rates can be updated following a change with the minimum of user intervention.

Free trial packs for quick benefits calculator can be ordered using the contact form .