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Prices, Orders and Trial Copies


All our software is offered by annual subscription, either as unit or site licences. Subscriptions cover all updates over the course of the subscription year and are inclusive of delivery and support. There is no separate initial licence fee. Qualifying voluntary and state sector organizations may benefit from discounted rates. Please contact us to confirm pricing. Before deciding to purchase, you may wish to order a free fully functional trial copy.

Unit pricing

Unit licences permit use of the program from a single access point.

Lisson Grove Program
Commercial rate customers including all Work Programme contractors 168.00 ( 140.00+VAT)
Qualifying local government and voluntary sector benefits advisors 84.00 ( 70.00+VAT)
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Commercial rate customers including Work Programme contractors 118.80 ( 99.00+VAT)
Qualifying public and voluntary sector advisors 58.80 ( 49.00+VAT)

Please call before ordering to check whether your organization qualifies for voluntary sector pricing.

Site Licences

Site licences provide an alternative licensing option for large-scale users. Annually renewable site licences are available to local authorities based on the population served. Similar licences for housing associations and other registered social landlords are based on the total number of lets. Both licences allow unlimited use of the licenced package over the subscription period. Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

Lisson Grove Program
Local Authorities0.015 per head
Housing Associations 15,000+ lets0.18 per let
Housing Associations 5,000-14,999 lets0.24 per let
Housing Associations 2,000-4,999 lets0.30 per let
Quick Benefits Calculator
Local Authorities0.01 per head
Housing Associations 15,000+ lets0.12 per let
Housing Associations 5,000-14,999 lets0.16 per let
Housing Associations 2,000-4,999 lets0.20 per let