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Getting benefits right

Coronavirus: Information for customers


Customers whose staff are working from home may install our software on their own PCs for the duration of the emergency. Administrators can forward update notification emails to staff working from home.

Please note that our programs run under MS-Windows. Customers using Apple Macs may be able to run our the program using virtualization software such as Parallels. Some customers with Linux systems have had good results running our software under Wine.


A diminishing number of customers still receive updates via CD. There may be some delays in manufacturing and distributing CDs and we recommend that all customers receive update notifications via email.

The right software for benefits

LGBP Ltd produces PC based benefits advice software for the UK social security system. Used at over a thousand organizations throughout the country, our customers include local authorities, housing associations, citizen's advice bureaux, charities and solicitors in private practice.

Link Lisson Grove Program info. The Lisson Grove Program uses an easy to follow dialog format. Generalist advisers can give accurate and comprehensive advice.

The right choice for you

We offer two benefits advice packages. Our original Lisson Grove program is aimed at generalist advisers and does not require specialist knowledge. Experienced advisers can use our Quick Benefits Calculator to produce rapid assessments without fuss. Both are kept fully up-to-date and are backed up by telephone and e-mail support. Both produce detailed and summary reports for clients. Both packages are sold on a straightforward subscription basis: a single annual fee covers initial purchase, maintenance and support.

Link to Quick Benefits Calculator info. Experienced advisers get fast results with the Quick Benefits Calculator

The full benefit

Both our benefits calculators offer comprehensive coverage of the means tested benefits and tax credits. In addition the Lisson Grove program covers many non-means tested benefits.