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Lisson Grove Program

The complete benefits program

The Lisson Grove Benefits Program from LGBP Ltd has helped thousands of advisers throughout the United Kingdom offer comprehensive and up-to-date benefits advice to clients. Advisers need not be specialist benefits staff in order to use the package; assistance is available at every step. The built in help facility contains several hundred pages of fully cross-referenced benefits information.

'Lisson Grove has been such a great tool in our work, big thanks from all of us here' - Bronwen Banner, Newcastle Warm Zone.

Unrivalled coverage

In addition to housing and council tax benefits, the program calculates entitlement to

  • universal credit
  • income support and income based jobseeker's allowance including benefit for people under 18;
  • employment and support allowance
  • child and working tax credits
  • state pension credits
  • disablement and carer's benefits
  • maternity and adoption benefits
  • The program incorporates detailed coverage of housing and council tax benefit rules, including rent-free periods, joint tenancies and better-off calculations for alternative maximum council tax benefit.

Easy to follow interview structure

The program follows a question and answer based format. Only those details relevant to the client or family are requested - the program contains several hundred questions, but only a small fraction of these will be asked in a typical interview. Cases can be stored and annotated for later retrieval and updating. Comprehensive reports show how the calculations are made.

An integrated approach

The program takes an integrated approach. Results for one benefit are fed into the calculation of others. For example a successful claim of attendance allowance may lead to an entitlement to state pension credit. This in turn may lead to increased maximum housing benefit. At the same time, the program will take the attendance allowance into account when determining whether a non-dependant deduction should apply. The program's straightforward and powerful navigation tools make it easy to track changes of circumstance and explore a range of scenarios.

Fast-track housing and council tax benefits calculations

Where a full benefits assessment is not required, advisers can choose to calculate housing and council tax benefit only. The program will still investigate other benefits and tax credits where this is essential to the calculation.