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Quick Benefits Calculator

Step 6

Data entry completed, Sally clicks Print|Preview to show Jane her results. Sally has pre-configured the program to produce comprehensive reports. Sally also saves the case for later reference and possible updating. If she saves a case in March and loads it in April, the program will automatically update the calculation, pausing for confirmation of details where necessary.


Claimant's Details

Case Reference: [044] As at 14 March 2012: The Claimant (Jane), age 37, works 15 hours per week for 145.24 net. The claimant has one dependent child, aged five. The child is blind. Child Benefit is 20.30. The claimant has savings of 4200.00. The claimant is liable to pay 110.00 per week rent and 14.96 per week council tax. There are 2 rent free weeks each year.

Tax Credits: Income Calculation

Tax Year 2010/11:-
EmploymentEarnings (last year)7686.00


Tax Year 2011/12:-
EmploymentEarnings (current year)7686.00


Current and previous year incomes are equal so relevant income is 7686.00. Annual income is 7686.00.

Child Tax Credit

Calculated for the period 6 April 2011 to 5 April 2012 inclusive (366 days).

Child tax creditFamily element545.34
Disabled child 5358.24

Maximum amount5903.58

Income for tax credit purposes is less than the threshold (15860.00) so maximum credit is payable.

Tax credit payable: 5903.58 [112.91].

Payments will normally be made weekly or four weekly - weekly figures are shown in square brackets. Child tax credit will normally be paid directly to the main carer.

Should get passported health benefits because annual income for tax credits (7686.00 is less than the threshold (15276.00) and CTC is payable (and not eligible for WTC)).

No entitlement to working tax credit as claimant is not in remunerative work.


Income Support / IBJSA

IncomeApplicable Amount
Earnings145.24Personal Allowance67.50

145.24Applicable Amount67.50
Less Disregard20.00

Net income125.24

There is no entitlement to IS/IBJSA as Applicable Amount does not exceed net income.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit

Contractual rent110.00
less ineligible charges29.43

Eligible rent80.57

IncomeApplicable Amount
Earnings145.24Personal Allowance67.50
Tax Credits112.91Family Premium17.40

Child (age 5)62.33
258.15Disabled Child Premium53.62
Less Disregard25.00

Applicable Amount200.85
Net income233.15

For Housing Benefit the applicable amount and income figures are adjusted because of the 2 rent free weeks. They are multiplied by the rent free factor (1.040000).

Housing BenefitCouncil Tax Benefit
less Applicable Amount208.88200.85

Excess Income33.6032.30

Eligible Rent80.57Eligible Council Tax14.96
less 65% of excess21.84less 20% of excess6.46

Housing Benefit58.73Council Tax Benefit8.50

Net rent payable51.27Net Council Tax payable6.46
No Housing Benefit is payable during rent free weeks.

NB your Housing Benefit may be lower than this if your eligible rent is subject to a rent restriction.


Summary (work income plus benefits)

Income Support/IBJSA0.00
Child Tax Credit112.91
Housing Benefit58.73
Council Tax Benefit8.50
Non Means Tested Benefits20.30
Net income from work145.24


Claimant's net income from work is gross earnings less income tax (0.80) and national insurance (0.96) .

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the calculation it is not an authoritative statement of law and no responsibility is accepted by the author from any losses arising from actions or advice consequent upon its use.